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Mo Boxes

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I have made several curly cherry funeral urns lately. Here is one of them.

Also made a box for putting K-cups (coffee, tea, and hot chocolate) pods in. This one is made of birdseye maple and the top is spalted maple.

Malcolm / Kentucky USA


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very nice...
as in really nice...
As always, incredibly beautiful boxes Malcolm. Thanks for posting them.

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Beautiful work as always . The grain looks gorgeous too
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Malcolm, you do really nice and consistent work with a keen eye for design! Those look really nice.

Excellent execution. Please post more as you make them.
You really brought out the beauty of that curly grain. Those are elegant.
Everyone has already said how great these are and I agree 100%.
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Really nice.
Gives me some inspiration to get my box making going - that is as soon as I dare ( NY State!!) to go to the specialty wood section of our local store.
Pro photos of your excellent boxes, Malcolm.
I agree with TenGees on the quality of the photos. What did you use as a backdrop?
I have a photographer friend with a roll-down screen that he uses. He has a pretty good lighting setup for this. He also turns the knobs for me out of different species of wood.
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