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Modifications to Porter Cable Dovetail Jig (Models 4210, 4212, and 4216) for more consistent results

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I found the Porter Cable Dovetail Jig model 4212 would not give me consistent results in tightness of joint and alignment of pieces. With a few modifications to eliminate variation, I was able to get consistent results. I keep a dedicated router with the bit installed so that I can set up quickly and make a perfect fitting drawer on first try without any adjustments to the jig or router. Saves a lot of time. Modifications are explained in this YouTube Video
I am interested in any other ideas to improve the Porter Cable Dovetail Jig
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I had the same problem with the Omnijig. I couldn't figure out what the problem was. After looking at the router I found the base wasn't perfectly centered. Any rotation of the router made the cuts loose or tight. I got on the horn with Router man and he sent me a perfectly centered plate. I can now rotate any direction and get perfect joints..

Sorry I offer no You Tube video...
Thanks for the tips Steven. I have the PC jig and know that others have or soon will be getting one. I'm sure there will be some questions asked about the jig and hope you will help out when time allows. BTW Welcome to the Router Forum!
@Steven Woodward

Welcome to the forum Steven.
Excellent video!
Thanks Steven. I have the 4212 and will be making these mods to my setup
When routing dovetails with my Leaigh D4R jig, I learned early on about this and drew a large arrow on the top of the base of my routers with a marking pen. Now I always point the arrow at the jig when cutting dovetails and no longer have this problem. If the base is off a little, the entire joint will be off that same amount and in the same direction. It will fit together perfectly, but if way out the edges of the pin and the dovetail boards will not be in line with each other. In most cases, this either doesn't matter, or the boards can be trimmed slightly to bring the edges in line with each other. Since adding the arrow to both the pin and dovetail router bases, I no longer see differences in edge alignment of more than a few thousandths, so I don't worry about it.

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