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Modify a Bosch POF 1200 - Remove the legs and Base

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Hello all
First post here so forgive if it has been asked (but I haven't found anything about it on the net to date)

I want to fit my Bosch POF 1200 under the table and remove the plunge mechanism. Has anybody modified there Bosch POF 1200 (or similar)?

Another option is to remove the whole base plate. There are two very small hollow type screws holding the legs to the base plate - Any idea how to undo these? They are not allen keys.

Thanks in advance

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Those are roll pins that hold the base on, you'll need some kind of punch to get them out.
I haven't taken apart my Bosch pof1400, but i did take the plunge rods and base off another plunge router with the idea of mounting it in a router lift to get better depth of cut in a table.
Still haven't got round to finishing that project.
The trouble you'll have with the Bosch is it's odd body shape. It will be difficult to mount in any kind of life.
You can put it in a table without removing anything. If you attach it to an insert plate that's around 6mm thick and rigid (aluminium or phenolic), you will still have ok depth of cut. If the insert plate is screwed to the table top then you can just use a scissor jack under the router as a lift.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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