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Modifying Table Router base

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I'm new to this forum format. I have two Hitachi M12V routers: one for a router table (using a Rousseau Deluxe Router Base Plate), and one for free-hand routering.

My question is this: Can the Template guide bracket on the base of the router be cut away to allow using larger router bits than the bracket currently allows? The Rousseau base plate has insert rings and allows the use of template guides without using the router's built-in bracket and ring.
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Hi: Welcome to the Forum. While I am not familiar with the Hitachi 12 router, a lot depends on the power of the router itself and the speed. Large bits like the ones used for raising panels, are 3" or more. They must be run at 10000-12000 Rpm to be safe. They also should have about 3 HP. The aluminum around the guide bracket can be removed, the question is will it resolve the other requirements (HP and Speed).
I had a similar problem and decided to invest in a larger router, that could handle large bits, has over 3 HP, and speed control. I have a PC7539 plunge router. Can your DEluxe router base handle a larger router? It may pay to get another router.

Hope this helps.. Woodnut65
The hitachi can handle the big bits, and yes, a lot of owners do knock off the template guide tabs so they can spin bigger bits. As long as your rousseau plate is in good shape and the rings are tight, using it to hold your template guides work well.
Thanks, Woodnut65, for your response. The M12V is a 3-1/4 hp plunge router with speed control, so it should handle most any bit that will fit inside the router housing once the bracket is removed. I just wasn't sure if removing the bracket would affect anything else. The bracket appears to be used ONLY for supporting the ring that is used to attach a template guide to the router. Thanks again for your help.
Thanks KP91 for your advice. After buying the routers several years ago, I have read several tool reviews indicating that one of the drawbacks to the M12V was its ability to use larger bits. It was limited to the smaller bits that would fit within the bracket, without touching it. Since I am not an engineer, I didn't know if removing the bracket would affect any other part of the router's functions. It sounds like I can go ahead with cutting away the bracket. The Rousseau router plate is new and has very tight-fitting rings. It is a 3/8" thick phenolic resin base plate, measuring 9"x12", has two insert rings and a starting pin. Thanks again for your assistance.
Hi DesertFox,
I have an M12V that I use as a portable but with the Oak-Park base plate. The bushings I use are for a 1 3/4" hole in the base plate. I had to remove the tabs before I even got started good. I've had no problems with it since `99, and I've had it in my router table with 3" raised panel bits and with the tension cutter from Oak Park. Those factory tabs only got in the way.
Thanks Chuck! In case others would like to modify their M12V, this is what I did. I took my dremel tool with a diamond cutting wheel, and cut through the webbing of the guide bushing bracket. Don't forget to place a shop towel over the motor so metal cuttings don't get into the motor. After weakening the bracket, I snapped it off with a pliers, then ground it smooth and even with the base ring with the diamond wheel. I also removed the plunge-springs and the handles. The springs are not needed in this setup, and removing the handles allows for more room under the router plate. Without the handles on, you don't have to angle the router's placement on a diagonal to make it easy to remove from the table. Again, THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP.

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