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Modifying your signature

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Note: You now require at least 10 posts before you have access to setup a signature.

What is a signature?

I bet your asking yourself, what is a signature? A signature is... well a signature, it's included on the bottom of each post you made without you adding it. Below is an example of a signature.

The red highlighted area is were the signature appears, its included at the bottom of each post you make. You can include text, images, quotes, code etc.. in your signature.

How do I setup my signature?

It's actually quite simple to setup your signature. Simply click on 'User CP' which is located at the top of every page ( its on the nav bar ). If your still having troubles finding the 'User CP' you can click the link below.

Click here to goto your User Control Panel

Once your in your user control panel you'll see a variety of links along the left side. It should look similiar to this.

Then find the link called 'Edit Signature' it should bring up another window that has a text area were you can enter the contents of your signature. Once you've entered what you want to be included in your signature just simply click the 'Save Signature' button. Your done!

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