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Moister Meter Question

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I was wondering does anyone have the Timber check moister meter how does it work for you? Saw one in price cutter that's in my price range. :confused:
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Hi... I'm not familiar with that particular moisture meter.

My experience is with buying a real cheap moisture meter and I'm not happy with it. The pins are dull and hard to push into the wood and I get inconsistent readings. I'm considering getting a pinless model from Wagner. A friend has one and he is happy with it.
I bought the one above and it works fine for me tried out yesterday and I'm hoping that it is right on the money because all the wood that I have in the racks are all pretty dry. They are on a average of 3 and 4% moister. Thanks if it comes out wrong I'm going for the wagner. Thanks
That is very low. Most kiln dried lumber is between 8-12% until it acclimates to its new envornment. Do you live on a desert ?.

Hi "glenmore"
I've been wondering what to buy, myself. Fine Woodworking Magazine, Issue No. 156 (June 2002) did an article about different moisture meters. The author said that the pinless meters were not as good for rough wood, since they need to sit on smooth lumber. He found all of the 12 meters he tested to be quite accurate. If you can't find the article, send me a private message and I'll answer any questions you have about the article, I have it right here.
i have the TIMBER CHECK and found nothing wrong with it. got mine from Lee Valley.
Jerry I have rough cut lumber that I built racks so it is 3' from the floor on the first rack. I walnut on it my dad kept in the barn it is at least 30 to 40 year old stock my uncle cut it his sawmill back in the early 60's. I have white pine on the upper rack that I have strips in between and a nice breeze in the car port. Been there for 2 years. But next month I won't have this luxury because it's off to the local sawmill for more pine and oak. I'll have to sit on that for a while just plain patients. Thanks Julie that's all I use is rough cut lumber to much at the home centers for me I priced red oak just a simple 1x8x8 is 33.00 I'm getting white and red oak for .85 a board foot. I'll probably will be getting in touch with about that artical in the near future thanks. Thanks Roy that's what I wanted to hear to cold and my part time job is sorta becoming a full time job this week. I'll be getting in my shop real soon to start them work stations and other odds and ends before I even get started figured after Easter. I hope so.
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