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More Collet Woes... FT2200VCE Collet

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Hey there!

I was about to post this blurb in the introductions section because there had been some similar posts in that area in the past, but then my brain kicked into gear and I figured there ought to be a subsection for Freud.

Guess what? There is!

Anywhosle, here is my current woe:

I've been lurking around here getting ideas for routing stuff for a while, and I've found plenty of good bits and pieces. I've recently started working in a space and inherited a shop that seems to have been handled a little roughly. I've finally had enough time to start reorganizing the shop and get a semi permanent location set for tools instead of pushing a giant mess from one end of the shop to the other, and I'm trying to give some love to the router table as of late. It's model number is a ft2200vce, and from what I've been able to glean so far is that it is an absolute pain to find any bits and bobs for these routers. It's what I have and I'm happy to use it until I can talk work into buying me a new Bosch (Mmmm... Bosch...) so I'm trying to set it up to be as useful as possible.

SO, long story short I'm trying to find a 1/2" collet, and all the old posts I've been able to find on here have dead links--usually because they link to Freud's old tool site. I dropped $20ish on a Big Horn 1/2" collet crossing my fingers that it might work, knowing that it would be a match as a spare for an eventual Bosch that I've been eyeing so no worries on the sunk cost there. It doesn't even come close to similar in shape to the existing 1/4" collet.

More or less wondering if anyone else has had luck with tracking down suitable replacements? I'm headed to the local Mill supply with the collet and my calipers at some point next week, the fella there is best kind so hopefully if we smash our heads against the wall long enough we'll come up with something. If someone has come across a recent lucky shenanigans: awesome; if not I'll share any data here.

I recognize that the most recent post under this category is also about 1/2" Collets and that it is a source of agony for many folks, sorry to beat a dead horse but I figured a 2020 iteration of this insurmountable task might be fun!

Appreciate any help that I can get!

Wow, that post got pretty long winded.

Happy Whichever-winter-holiday-you-so-choose-to-celebrate!

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If I read this right you are looking for a second 1/2 collet or a first. I have the router. Have you tried Ebay?
If I read this right you are looking for a second 1/2 collet or a first. I have the router. Have you tried Ebay?
Unfortunately I am looking for a first collet. I haven't had luck on eBay as of yet, but will keep digging.

Getting anything done with this router has been an absolute scavenger hunt, so I'm trying to do what I can to contribute to the base of the who's and the what's. Maybe hoping to find a product that is easy-ish to find and one that won't be discontinued so quickly.
Looking at a lot of random collet grab bags on Amazon and wondering if any are worth the 15 dollar gamble.
Try looking for this replacement number. Freud 13602.7431 1/2" Router Bit Collet (Fits Ft2200 And Other Freud…
Try amazon to buy
That router is a 2008 only worth about 80.00 now
Thanks John, I'll give that a go! Most combos of parts numbers and router numbers tend to link to products on various websites, but they're listed as "No longer available".

And on the age of the router yeah I'm hoping to get approval for a new one this coming year. It isn't the star tool of the shop but it's really starting to bottleneck it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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