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More Hitachi M12V Questions

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Hi Folks!

I'm a newbie so I hope I'm not repeating a question here, but I've browsed a little and not seen the answer exactly.

Lots of great info though!

I have an M12V I bought new that has seen minimal use in an upright application, and now I'm looking to acquire a router table to install it in.

My questions are these.

1)Can anyone recommend a couple of decent options to me in regards to affordable, compatible, router tables?

2) Are there basic accessories that I definitely should have, right off the bat, while I practice and learn?

In regards to routers, I'm fairly green.

I'm up in Canada, so might be limited in choice of makes.


regards ken
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Hi Ken

May I suggest the Oak-Park system because you are in Canada and so is Oak-Park.

A shipping thing may come in to play, But you can always get the parts you need from them and buy some plywood and make your own. (see kits)

Bj :)
Ken, I agree with BJ on this. Plans for The Router Workshop table are $4? CDN or you can purchase an easy to assemble kit. Either way it will handle any job you throw at it. One of the nicest things about this table is everything is developed as a system. There is no guessing if an accessory will work. There are also a couple of advantages to using the system, for example the router mounting plates will accept 1-1/2" guide bushings. This gives you more variety for template routing. Holes are predrilled for attaching the box joint jigs. There is provision for onboard storage of router bits and guide bushings so everything stays organized and easy to find. All in all a well thought out system and a good value for your money.
Thanks Fellas!

Appreciate your advice.

I'm looking into this now.

No doubt I'll eventually have more questions.

Regards, ken
Welcome to the Router forums Ken. A Canadian Hillbilly????????
Thanks Doc!

Ha ha! Ahem! Well I recently married a seamstress who sews fancy suits and wedding dresses etc. and so when I waltzed onto the scene wearing a wool toque and mountain climbing clothes she was pretty quick to pin that monicker on me.

regards, ken
Hi Ken: Welcome to the forum. I go along with BJ, and Mike. Oak Park is the way to go.
Bob and Rick have used the Hitachi router in most of the early programs at least, so you can see it at work in the table. Woodnut65
Some great advice for modifying the MV12 for router table use is here:
I used most of that info for my MV12. I also did a through the plate height adjuster using an article I downloaded years ago. It was a 12 page word document on modifying a freud ft 2000 router and I adapted it to my mv12. I emailed it to you. It was written by a man named Al Hallaman and I tried to email him to thank him but the message was returned. Hope this helps.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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