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More Tables

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I just finished a table with common fractions used in woodworking, 64'n, on up to 1". The idea here is if you are doing some of the math I posted you are getting answers down to .001" and maybe you're having trouble getting that to some fraction measurement that works easier for you. Here you can just look for the .??? number and find the closest fraction. I also added mm in case you need them.

I broke this in to 2 tables for posting...

If you have trouble figuring this all out let me know I'll post a few examples that will get you going.



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Ed, thanks for taking the time with these charts. They should be a big help to the people who print them out.
Hello reible,

Thank you for the Charts sir, much appreciated. :D
thanks so much...I'm going to print these out right now and post them near my workbench...Dusty56
Thanks Ed - that's much easier than multiplying by 64 and then rounding!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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