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More Tissue Boxes

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I noticed the other day that all the tissue boxes had disappeared, so was time to make another batch.
So I am in the process of making 5 more, here are the first 2,they need more finish.

(see the little dog peeking out the bottom corner of the second pic?



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Did you spalt the boards yourself or buy them that way?
I found out by accident that you can spalt the wood yourself. The spalting as you probably know is rot. By spalting the wood yourself you can stop the decay process before the wood gets too soft to work with which would allow for the mitered corners. I found out when I covered some green birch boards with planer shavings and then found out 2 months later that I had a leak in the roof where I piled the boards and the shavings had gotten quite wet and stayed damp pretty much the whole time before I decided to check on them.
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