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So adding the the original post found here I finished a cabinet I made to make it a more portable tool in the shop. I have an adjustable height work bench in my shop and when I 1st got the PM701 I decided to find the comfortable height for the tool by adjusting the table.

After this and seeing how much room this mortiser would take I decided to make a dedicated rolling cabinet to house this tool making it easier to maneuver. I also added the 3 drawers to hold the mortiser bits and sharpeners along with the other tools used to align and setup for use. So that left the bottom two shelves and I decided to house the Kreg cabinet jigs and clamps there in one place.

At this point I need to start adding tags to show what is where. I have these library card type frames but haven't used them yet but here's the cabinet with everything but the card holders and 4 corner bolts to hold the sliding table to the cabinet. I'll use a 1-1/2" threaded 5/16" bolt and threaded inserts to secure the base to the cabinet. That will reduce vibration and keep the unit from slipping on the cabinet.

I did use my LS Positioner on my table saw to make my first ever half blind dovetail drawers. There were a few lessons learned in that process such as not using 1/2" plywood. The plywood did work sorta but splintered a bit much and not nearly as clean even with a backer board. That and with half blind it make those pins a bit to shallow for plywood I think. With glue they'll hold I hope but I made one drawer with the plywood and the other two 1/2" solid poplar.


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