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Mounting a Dewalt 625/624 in a router table

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I am mounting a DW625E into a router table. The table instructions for the insert advise using the screws from the factory baseplate (or purchasing longer ones). However, removing the baseplate shows that there are 3 other M6 threaded holes in addition to the 6 M4 holes for the existing baseplate screws.

so, given the choice, which is better - 6 x M4 screws or 3 x M6 ? There are no pre-drilled holes in the insert, other than for the starting pin and leveling grub screws.

Anyone here mounted the same router in a table? Which holes did you use? Perhaps the insert you bought already had M6 countersunk holes?

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For anyone who does this, I went with the 3 M6 screws, one of which I had to cut shorter (I bought 30mm, 25mm would have been better). I figured the bigger size would provide more stability. I have also realised that the insert plate has to be fixed to the table too as the plunge mechanism lifts the plate right out of the table. I think I'm finding out why they tell you not to put plunge routers in router tables. I'm using a scissor lift as a height adjuster but may end up getting a third party add-on like the Router Raizer if that doesn't work out.
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