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Hi Graydocs

Just about any type of cabinet will work for a router table. :)
A face frame type,plywood type,you can also pickup one from HomeDepot/Lowes that they sale for bathrooms, they sometimes have nick or damage ones you can get a the right price. :)
Most items you put on the router table will be small, that's to say something you can pickup and set them on the top all other router jobs should be done with a plunge router :).
The max will be 25lbs. or less I'm as you can see you don't need to build it like a tank, 1 x 2s and some nice plywood would work great for a sub. frame and a pocket screw or two and a bit of glue and you got it done.
You can put doors and drawers on/in it but most of the time they just collect junk, most of the time ,now a spot for some bits would be nice but you can make a nice router box for your bits once you have the table done. :)
In that way if you sale (or make a new one) your table you still have your router bits in a nice box that you can just side out of the cabinet.
And like most that start using the router table you will make a new one that fits your needs better.

Hope this helps a bit..

Bj :)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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