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Mounting router to table

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Hi everyone - my first post! [And it probably shows]
My first router packed in and I'm looking to replace it. It was on a Charnwood W012 Bench Top Router Table.
I will only use it on the table but not sure how easy it is to put another router in it - different moun ting plate?
I am thinking of a Bosch POF 1200 AE or Erbauer ER2100. Would these fit wwithout too much mucking about?
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hello and welcome N/A...
what country are you residing in???
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Welcome to the Forum...

You will likely need to drill new mounting holes but that is easy can use the routers base plate as a template...just make sure the holes are drilled so that the shaft of the router is exactly centered.
According to the maker's website, it will accept any router... meaning you're going to have to drill your plate.
There are a few aftermarket plates that are drilled to accept most routers but then you have a plate with a bunch of holes in it. Lots of plates just assume you'll drill the holes yourself.
Welcome to the forum, Martin.
I knew you were UK based as soon as I saw "charnwood" and "erbaur" :grin:
(I'm English, ex-pat in Cyprus).

Lots of very skilled people here, but as they are mostly North American with a sprinkling of OZ, and less than a handful of brits, almost none of them have experience with UK machine tool brands.

Thats a very small table, and doesnt allow long routers (see video
In all honesty, unless you only have the kitchen table to work on, and only do scale model work I recommend a much bigger table and a half inch router, which will last you forever.
Coming into this late, I'd be more concerned about a router 'lift' than the table as a table can be built easily and made to suit with t-track and what else you need/desire. I went with with Bosch table/lift and had to fit a Jessem Rout-R-Lift II into after the Bosch lift mechanism disappointed so badly. Routed the Jessem's phenolic plate by 1/16" on all sides and it went in with minimal difficulty. Gonna write them and suggest a Bosch RA1181 table version to facilitate this for similar owner experiences.
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