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Hi guys Im in Stanwood Washington.I have a real qauint shop but very well equipted to my affordabilities. I build alot of beds and end tables,Ive been woodworking for I'd say 3 yrs and consider myself as selftaught :D :rolleyes:

Do they make a 1/2 " collet to replace a 1/4" for craftsman routers????/
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Hello Mr.Jensen.
I have a Craftsman router with 1/4 collet and was very disappointed to find out that the motor shaft it self would only accommodate a 1/4 in shaft router bit. They do however offer a router with a 1/2 collet that will accept a reducer to 1/4, but not from smaller to larger which from a safety stand point is understandable. So I bought a different brand that had better options for bushing set and edge guide. Good luck with the routing

Thanks for info I lwill look for a new router I guess.
Hi Mr.Jensen

This is just a temp work around, send off for the item below once you have it Turn the shank down to 1/4" size, but it must be done on a metal lathe if you have one or have a mate that has one, BUT you can use the standard 1/2" bits you have BUT not the big ones,that's to say nothing over 1 1/2" in dia. ,your Craftsman it a bit light on power for the big ones.
But like I said this is temp fix until you find a great deal on a new router. :)
But it's only 25.00 bucks unlike a new router. :)

The MLCS Router Collet Extension #9464 for 1/2" bits

Bj :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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