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Multi-Router-I have questions**HELP**

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Anyone out there have knowledge of this machine by JDS Company. Bought it years ago to do hand production mortice and tennons. Wrote company about doing dovetail and box joinery. They advised internet to download the owners's manual. Did that. It's about as helpful and six more teets on a bore hog. I'm a newbee to wood working but have an idea for a labor of love that will include semi production of a box to add to my retirement income. ANYONE with knowledge please advise. Thanks Olrowe.
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The JDS Multi-router is a great machine for many things. I build chairs and a multitude of other things, however dovetail joints is not a real strong suite for this machine. I had a machine shop make a fence for the table so yo would not have to make all kinds of "spacers". It is much quicker for me to use a P-C Omnijig to do dovetails.
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