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Murphy bed

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One of my customers has asked that I build her a Murphy bed before Thanksgiving. I've seen hardware on the Rockler site in passing but haven't looked into at all. I'm meeting with her one evening this week to see exactly what she has in mind.

Any suggestions? Any experiences (stay away from... or You should use/make...)?

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buy the bed..
add cabinets...
Murphy beds must be really popular right now. I can't help you but I know you will do her a good job.
The one major issue I have with Murphy beds is, you have to make the bed every day. My preference would be a bed you can raise to the ceiling during the day, then lower it when you want to go to bed. Then you can leave your bed unmade. And yes, they have beds that do that.
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Steve Rmsey made one. Just Google "Steve Ramsey Murphy Bed"! Hope it helps. Sid.
Chaplin tutorial on how to use one ;) ...

Go to 11:20 if you're in a rush.
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