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Murphy bed

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Anyone here build a Murphy Bed? What hardware did you use? Rocker, Murphy, Easy DIY Murphy Bed or ?
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I built a few when I worked a short while for a cabinet company. I wasn't impressed with them, at least the ones we built. I thought the slats were a bit too flimsy and would sag and not make for good sleeping. I don't know where he got the hardware from but it might have been from Richlieu. This piece looks familiar:
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Murphy beds have their place, but I don't care a lot for them. Too much bed making for my taste. But if you needed to conceal the bed, it would work. But my version would be a bed that raised up to the ceiling during the day, then have somthing under it, dinette, or whatever. Then when you wanted to sleep, lower the bed, and climb in. And when you raise it you can just leave it messy, and not worry about where the blankets are sliding et al. Some of these blend with the ceiling, so no one that doesn't know will even know it is up there.

As far as hardware, I'd just figure out what I needed, go to the hardwars store, buy it, and go from there. I'm pretty sure the early Murphy beds didn't use a kit to make them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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