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Music Stand Modification

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My version of Becksvoort music stand IV is great on hard flooring but when you put it on carpet with a heavy binder of music it gets a bit tippy. I decided to try to move the balance point by weighting the opposite side with lead fishing weights. I was able to put a half pound of lead into my slot. I made the slot using my new Bosch palm router with a 1/4" up spiral. It was a bit tricky since the base of the stand is angled. It cut the slot fine but the edge guide wouldn't hold its position till I added some larger washers and a lock washer. My solution worked and I managed to not destroy the stand in the process.


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That's a lot neater than my solution........ a sandbag or two. lol

Good show.
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Very nice looking music stand but looking at the picture, and that's likely the issue, it seems the music book is almost straight up and down. How much does the back slant? And would a light help the balance? Not sure but maybe a profile picture would help. I like the design as it most unusual but then again all my stands are of the old school style, just like in school, adjustable metal and folding. Nothing fancy at all. Your's certainly shows your skills and tastes. Good luck with getting it as stable as you'd like and let us know how you go with it.
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Nice job correcting the problem...would never know a modification was made...
The back slant is 10 degrees. Some sources say 15 degrees is optimal. I didn't like the looks of 15 when it was raised to standing height. Looked like it would tip over backwards. On carpet it tips to the right when looking at it. The weight has fixed that problem. I'll be making two more stands when my daughters leave home so version 2 and 3 will have more slant and maybe a wider base to have more hold in soft surfaces. Here is the original post of the stand with more pictures.
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