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My 40 year old Crapsman is DOA

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Hi everyone,
Would anyone care to give me any advice on the purchase of a 6 x48 belt sander. I am considering a Jet, only because there is not a lot of choices out thereand I would like to be able to do the touchy / feeley thing before I buy. There is a gealer in Waterbury Connecticut that seek Jet products and I might take a ride over there sometime next week. I would like to be sure that adjusting the belt will be moderately easy to do.

Also, does anyone recall Jet having a Father's Day sale every year.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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I have a King brand 108 x 6" which might be the same as a Jet since I think their planers are. It takes a bit to get it to track to start with but once I have it going it stays pretty close to where I set it. In don't like leaving it under tension for long so it gets redone every time I use it for the most part.
Subscribe to Jet's newsletter and receive notice of their seemingly regular 10$ sales. I used that opportunity for my lathe purchase although I am not sure if all or only some tools are available that way.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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