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Good morning to all. Several days ago, David Falkner posted a video of a cutting board that he inlayed with the outline of a guitar, he did this on his CNC which I find incredible. Since I am about as computer illiterate as legally possible, I sent him a reply asking some very general questions and he graciously got back to me with the answers, thank you David. Somewhere in the post, I mentioned that I had just finished my first guitar build...accoustic... and I was sure that I would build another, and David said he would like to see some photos, so I am about to try to do just that.:|

The sound board is Sitka Spruce. The sides and back are Sapelle (?). The fretboard is Rosewood. The neck is laminated with Walnut in the center, Maple on either side and Sapelle in the edges. The stand is laminated to match the guitar neck.

I hope this works.

Rick the guitar and the stand are super nice. You did one heck of a job. I will be looking for the next one you build.:smile:
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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