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My first and second "Gavels"

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I am pretty happy with the way these came out. Especially since this is the first attempt at making anything presentation worthy. These were presented to two individuals and they looked like they loved them!

The smaller is Padauk and Hard Maple and the other is Zebrawood, Hard Maple and (I'm told) Teak. Looks like
Table Wood Religious item Cross Wood stain

Wood Wood stain Varnish Rectangle Hardwood

Drinkware Wood Cigar Drink Rectangle

Product Wood Gas Fashion accessory Hardwood

Wood Basket Wood stain Hardwood Mechanical puzzle

Oak but it's heavy
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Interesting mallots.
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Those are really nice!
Thank you! :)
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I would be happy with those. Well done...
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Nice job Karl.
Very nice work! Are they for woodwork or for presentations to Traveling Men?
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