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My first sign project

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Our Homeowners Association was wanting to get a sign for our road, and hired a local sign shop to do it.. Well, they screwed it up, we didn't pay for it, and they took it back.. Enter, me with my new router..

I decided to use cedar for the sign and got several 5/8 x 6" fence boards from Lowes garden center.. They were cheap, and cedar is easy to work with..

First, I fired up the computer and used Paint Shop Pro to design a 40"x24" sign..
I used a Harlow font, then printed the picture to 14 pages.. I trimmed and taped them together, and tacked them to the wood.. Next I traced the letters, filled in the impressions in the wood with pencil, and got to work with the router using a 1/4" straight bit at 3/16" depth.. I finished the lettering with a 1/8" bit..

For the larger areas I used a 3/4" bit and proceeded to make a heck of a lot of sawdust.. I did some chiseling and sanding to clean things up..

A little bit of Minwax Golden Oak stain for the letters and edges made them very visible, and I have to get to the store for some clear to protect the whole thing.. I hope to have it hanging on the sign posts in a couple days..


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Nice job Mike!
I don't think it gets any better than that. Great job!
Hi Mike

If this is your 1st. sign project I can't wait until you do the next one :)

Very nice job on this one Mike :)

How much did you save the Homeowners Association ? by doing the work.

I guess your next sign will be Hand Made Signs by Mike :)

Bj :)
Thanks for the cudos guys.. The next one will be the addresses.. The post office saw fit to send addresses 10 and 11 to one end of the street, and 20 and 21 to the other end.. With all kinds of mixing of the rest.. Good golly.. Makes for a real treat for delivery ppl trying to find a house..

I decided to give the lettering and border another splash of stain to make it a bit darker.. On some test scrap, clear polyurethane darkens the wood, so I didn't want to wash out the lettering.. I think it'll work out pretty good..

Bobj3, Sign-A-Rama wanted $250 for their sign.. I have about $30 invested in this one.. Although it cost me $700 to buy the power tools to make it.. ;)
"Although it cost me $700 to buy the power tools to make it.. "

I love it you're my kind of guy hahahahahahahahahaha :)
a real wood worker :)
Bj :
Yessssssssss Thats what I am talkin about !!!! wonderful job Mike,,,, Ya probably got the sign boys there a bit nervous now,,,, I am sure they would not like it to get out, that these freehand routered signs are that easy to make,, Now that you got a handle on it,, I am sure you are going to be getting request for other signs,,, they are a ball to make, and would like to congradulate you on your retirement,, from a fellow FoMoCo Tradesman,,, although, sadly not retired yet,,, I can only wish I had the time to do what I want,,

I was talking to some one else tonight on a different subject and was looking for a picture for them,, and came across a picture of one of the signs I made last winter for a friend and her beauty shop.

Once agan,, beautiful job on your sign, Mike,,, please show us a picture of it when its done,,,


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Great Job Mike,

I made my first sign not too long ago and it is hanging on the front of the house. It is our address. I traced the letters that were hanging on the house before the Vinyl went on and routed then on a piece of pallet wood I had laying around. Again great job.
Excellent effort for a first time Mike. That is a great looking sign. More will follow I am sure. ;)
Very nice job!!
Now, I have the addresses to do.. Whoever assigned them must have a pea for a brain..

Rough draft:


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All addresses are assigned by the electric company.


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aniceone2hold said:
All addresses are assigned by the electric company.
Mike, in my neck of the woods they are assigned by the Post Office. Not sure about else where. I have seen really messed up addresses around here.
To Mike and Terry...............a very big WOW. Those signs are going to be a hard act to follow but let's see other members efforts. Harrysin
Mike that sign is AWESOME !!!! I'm a first timer and you have given me inspireation . I have worked with many hand and power tools ,both large and small . Being a construction electrician for over 40 years ,you can understand that . Some how a router has me intimadated and it really shouldn't . Like I said you're my inspiration . GREAT JOB.
I am way behind the power curve if your first sign is that good. I am going to have to go get some more practice in. Very nice.
wow it looks so clean...I'm on my second sign w/raised letters..I learned alot on the first good bits for one and utilize your tools. Your sign looks awsome I hope to be there some day...
I noticed that "Paint Shop Pro" was used. How was it used as I understand it is a photo software..(I'm computer stupid) I there anything else that will work?

Best Regards,
George (the other one)
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