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Yessssssssss Thats what I am talkin about !!!! wonderful job Mike,,,, Ya probably got the sign boys there a bit nervous now,,,, I am sure they would not like it to get out, that these freehand routered signs are that easy to make,, Now that you got a handle on it,, I am sure you are going to be getting request for other signs,,, they are a ball to make, and would like to congradulate you on your retirement,, from a fellow FoMoCo Tradesman,,, although, sadly not retired yet,,, I can only wish I had the time to do what I want,,

I was talking to some one else tonight on a different subject and was looking for a picture for them,, and came across a picture of one of the signs I made last winter for a friend and her beauty shop.

Once agan,, beautiful job on your sign, Mike,,, please show us a picture of it when its done,,,


1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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