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My First WorkBench Dimensions

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If you are reading this, then in fact you are a more experienced woodworker than I am.

Wondering what you guys think of the dimensions of my first workbench? This is looking at it from the front.

There will be an end vise and also a front vise. I will be using Douglas Fir for the materials.

Thank you so much for your thoughts and taking the time :)

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Is this going to be a traditional wood working bench? How deep? Sorry but I can't offer any advice. I have never had or used one. My bench is based on the Ron Paulk design. It is full of dog holes that provide almost unlimited clamping positions. I was building cabinets, so it is 36 x 60 inches. Drawers extend through the bench providing a lot of storage for clamps, and more clamps! My bench uses this variation for the drawers. They are not on slides, just boards waxed. And they slide through so stuff can be accessed from either side.

I will try to find my original post on here and add a link to it. A grizzly table saw sits at one end so it is an outfeed table/work table/ assembly table. i have been very satisfied with it. Unfortunately it currently is supporting 2 3d printers. :) But I am slowly getting back into the sawdust slinging mode.
Here is the link to Earl's video.

Good luck with your build.

EDIT: I found my original post. Here is some light reading for you (with lots of pictures)!
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