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My introduction

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I retired from the Marine Corps. in "93" and have been working in wood for severial years. I have severial routers both fixed and plunge. I have a scrollsaw and two table saws. One table saw is a "Delta dating back to the 50's with all attachments. I recived it from my dad after he passed away. I bought a newer one about two years a go, its a grizzly.
I've been a member over a year but didn't have much time to spend on the computer.
I'm married and have 5 childern all out of school.
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Welcome Back!!

Glad you're going to be spending more time with us.

Feel free to ask all the questions you have... to get answers & to learn.
First..... Thank you for the service to our country.

Second..... Welcome to the Forum and we look forward to having you join the family of woodworkers here. Jump in as time permits and share your ideas and questions, they are always welcome.
Welcome! Glad you can join us. Would love to see some pics of that vintage table saw. Did you restore it? Did you buy the Griz 1023 or the contractor saw?

Bob N said:
First..... Thank you for the service to our country.
Ditto that!

Welcome ibedolan. Terrible football game this year. Fly ARMY!
Welcome ibdolan. New people and new questions. That's what we are all about so don't be shy and consider yourself part of the forum family.
God bless you ibedolan. Welcome to the forums. We have a variety of forums to choose from. We have forums here for most types of woodworking with members from all walks of life. From beginners right up to advanced ones. I'm glad to see you start to participate in our community.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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