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Deborah, I have a feeling that your drive and persistence will quickly overcome your inexperience with routers. If you Google 'Kreg router table insert plates', you'll see that Kreg has these plates and that they are predrilled for Porter Cable and Bosch Routers. The posting by a Desert Rat Tom today in regard to the person with the Kobalt router table has a diagram with the mounting pattern for a number of different routers. If you do a Google search, the Kreg page also has some links to YouTube videos about drilling router insert plates for different routers. One of the video is by Kreg --
-- You can also use the base plate for your router as a template for drilling the mounting holes in a Kreg insert plate. In fact, as time goes along, you may want to get a little more powerful router and attach it to one router insert plate while having your Milwaukee Router mounted to a separate insert plate. Much easier to switch out routers that way. You may also want to get a separate power switch such as the Powertec 71054 magnetic paddle switch if the table kit you have did not come with a power switch. Having a conveniently mounted switch can be a lot easier to deal with than fiddling around trying to access the switch on the tool when it's under the table. The benefit of the magnetic switch is that if the power goes off for some reason, the switch turns off. This avoids a surprise when the power comes back on and the router springs to life without any advance warning. You also might want to consider a Kreg Router lift system, especially if you do get a bigger router and want to set certain measurements without having to remove the router from the table. Some routers come with this feature. You'll find lots of interesting information on this site, and tips on how to use your equipment -- and help on how to spend your money.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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