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My name is Deborah. For my third birthday, our neighbor Chickie gave me a hammer, pliers, and screwdriver. She had my number. They were the best presents ever. Throughout my kidhood, I fixed things. Whatever was broken. I built stuff. I made things. My parents (a chemist and an engineer) nurtured my interests. By fifth grade I wanted to be a doctor. I became a physician (internal medicine and intensive care) and a medical ethicist. I am grateful for 30 years of the privilege of waking up each day with the opportunity to make a difference in peoples lives, the challenge to solve a mystery, develop a creative solution, or sometimes just to be present and caring, to consider my patients' well-being above all else. I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, and that ended my ability to continue practicing medicine. In addition to an intensive exercise program, fistfuls of medication, and compensating each day with the challenges of the disease, I've returned to making, building, fixing, and solving problems where lives are not at stake. I built a wooden oar rack and then boat racks on a steep hillside for my rowing club. I switched to galvanized steel (all bolted construction- I don't know how to weld. Then an aluminum and foam pontoon rig for my single scull racing shell. Each new step of each new project reveals whole universes of what I don't know. When lucky, I learn from patient masters. Most of the time, from books and YouTube. I gave my skill saw to my yard guy- not safe with my Parkinsions. I have a broad array of hand tools including a gorgeous set of chisels, and have accumulated Milwaukee 18 tools including VS drill, impact driver, impact wrench, rotary tool, Die Grinder, planer, random orbital sander, Hackzall reciprocating saw, jig saw, dual bevel sliding compound miter saw, and a table saw. I also have a 14" dry cut metal chop saw. My newest acquisitions are a 1940s Buffalo Forge 15 drill press (and a new Ryobi 12 drill press). Over a year ago, I bought a Milwaukee M18 compact router with additional plunge and offset bases, a bench top router table, and some bits. I am quite embarrassed to say that the Router table have been sitting, still boxed, waiting for me to have time to learn how to use them properly and safely. I am thrilled today to have found this wonderful forum, and have downloaded all the high quality reference material posted here, and the next project is setting up the router and table.

But I first have I have a burning question: When I bought the Kreg router table, I researched it thoroughly. But today I noted on Amazon questions about the table some answers that indicate it is not compatible with my router. I vaguely remember reading that a year ago, but finding other information that superseded it. Does anyone know if the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Compact Router 2723-20 is compatible with the Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table ? Is it a matter of getting a proper insert? Or is there some incompatibility with no easy fix ? With my ignorance about routers, I'm reluctant to start putting things together until I know the components will work together well.

Thank you!!
Welcome, Doc! What a heartwarming story. I recently retired also and I'm reluctant to admit I'm getting forgetful and less agile around power tools. I sold my Unisaw to get a SawStop because I can't afford to lose any more digits. Just a thought I acted on....
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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