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My New Probotix Nebula

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Getting my Nebula running was definitely an adventure ... kudos to Honest John & 4DThinker for helping me get there.

I have no regrets about my purchase, though, as you'll see, I believe the collateral & wiring instructions I received were poorly done. They were also exactly what I expected from this small business with great tech support (thank goodness!).

I've written blog articles about the process, which are linked here:

Buying A CNC: The Probotix Nebula

Installing The Probotix Nebula

Troubleshooting & Tips For Setting Up Your Probotix Nebula

And a bonus piece about where my small shop was at before I began this transformation:

That’s No Garage, That’s My Shop

Now, if I can just find the time to get cooking! I had a moment in the shop this week where the CNC was running, and I was working on another project ... it's tantalizingly close. I will get there.


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Congrats Henry . Looking forward to seeing Your future projects ;)

Just looked at your shop , wow that's busy looking. Great job on your site too . Liking your clamp storage racks at the top .
I also noticed your pretty agile for an old guy :grin:
So you're making dust now?
Congrats Henry . Looking forward to seeing Your future projects ;)

Just looked at your shop , wow that's busy looking.
Reminds me of my shop except you have aisles to walk down, I have to roll something out of the way no matter which way I move. I like those clamp racks too.
So you're making dust now?
YES! Not as much on the CNC, though ... I'm waiting to get my dust collection set up, so I've gone on to clear other projects I had set up to go while I was getting the CNC up. This week, I should finish about 75 pieces for the craft fairs, and I'll get the CNC going again.

First up: cutting out pig cutting boards (12) & bear cutting boards (3). I have a flag collar custom order - my first - to do. Then, it's on to trivets (10). All of those should be done for next week's big event, the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival in San Francisco. Some may even be done for this weekend's big event, the California Avocado Festival.

Yes, I have guacamole in my future.
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While you CAN use a CNC in tight spaces with limited access, the BEST situation (IMO) is to have easy access on at least 3 sides of one. The Nebula is wide enough that reaching the whole table from one side is a stretch.

I keep my Meteor in the center of the room it is in. I've set up the 3 small CNC we have in our university shop to have easy access on 3 sides. Of all these CNCs the Nebula begs for easy access to 4 sides. With access to the back edge you can park a tool chest beneath it without fouling the prime under-frame space near the front.

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perhaps a typo? it should be "thats my garage, not my shop"? LOL

A lot of shops are like it, as long as you can find things there its fine
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