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My router table

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This is my first attempt at making arouter table. It was suppose to be a prototype but it turned out so well that I kept it. The 1&1/4" top is made from an old desk top. The sides are made from a sink cut out from a kitchen counter top. I'm big into recycling all wood. Worst case scenario, it becomes firewood to heat my shop. I've seen some postings recently about simultanuously switching RT & dust collection. You can see how I resolved the issue. I also see lots of inquiries about table inserts. My table inserts are made with 1/4" lexan. I went to a local plastic distributor who highly recommended lexan for that purpose & referred me to a local sign manufacturer who sold me some scaps for cheap. They also spoke highly of lexan saying they use it themselves to make jigs. No flex or sagging at all in these 8x11" inserts. I have recently inlaid a couple of measuring tapes for the fence That fence design also works extremely well with those toggle clamps. I just need to add a dust fixture.


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Good job I am sure it will server you well.
nice job looks good
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