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Mystery Level Gets Worse!!!

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Yikes you guys. Remember the Stanley level I asked about a few days back? Well, I happened across another one like it, but not a Stanley. Asked the guy why it had TWO of everything. He looked sorta embarrased and said "ya know, I used that #$%$# thing for 20 years and I don't know! I am going to try to post some pictures so you can see the thing. Notice TWO "tubes" in each window. They will NEVER read the same. There are small arrows along each edge INSIDE the window. I don't care what you do you CANNOT get both bubbles to lay (read) the same.
Okay you guys....what is it FOR??? I bought itfor a buck, it is heavy and it is all aluminum. Says Stanley No 233-24"
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Hmmmm.... I think I have something similar that belonged to my grand dad. Has 3 glass "windows" with dual bubbles right?
If I can find mine again, I'll try to post a pic. I can't tell you what or why they were designed that way.
One set of bubbles is for level. The other set is for installing drain pipes, gives the angle to ensure proper drainage.
Mystery level pictures?

I had attempted to post pictures of the mystery level but I do not see them. I will try again with this note. Here goes.....
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