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Nailer Bargain of The Year

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Yesterday I stumbled into a P-Cable nailer package: compressor and three nail guns, for $239!! I am impressed. Have not used it yet but it is clearly pretty well built stuff. Bought it at Home Depot, where they had it priced at $299 and then reduced it to $239.
I have never used one, but have been thinking about how handy they would be and when I saw that price that did it!!
Now I'll probably be in here whining about what to do next, how to do this and how do I set that.
Jeeeeeezzzz never stops eh??
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Enjoy them BirchWood I use mine all of the time. They are great for holding pieces and parts together while the glue drys.
Where was the store that you bought this at? If the HD here would offer it, I would be all over taking advantage of the deal.
Just remember to keep your fingers out of the way,HaHaI have the same set use it all the time
Learning Herb
Birchwood did you step in something on the way into the store? ;) That is the greatest deal on that compressor that I've heard of. Good for you. I just have a brad nailer and I use it all the time sure helps me out when I need some extra hands for glue ups and such. :D
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