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Hi People

Just joined so here is my introduction.

I am just getting together a few decent tools as I have an aim for when I retire. I intend to make a fully working scale model of the original Gutenberg printing press. I need to learn to use my router which is not yet unpacked from the box, but I expect all operations to be fairly straightforward - apart from 1.

I need to find a way of cutting a screw thread into a hardwood dowel (prob around 1/2 in dia)

I have some ideas but if anyone has done this - would be glad of their advice.

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Hi Paul

The tool I use to thread wood is the one below,they work great :)
I have the 1/2" and the 3/4" tap and dies for both.
They don't come with much info but use wax when you cut the threads like a candle stick works great for this job the cheap short white ones in a small tin can.

Note the light fixture in the background,(see snapshot below) the one with the white cord hanging from it, this light fixture was made with the tap and die set,it's not a great shot of the light, so if you want a better shot just ask. :)

Also note the clamp block in the snapshot it works great to hold 1/2" dowell when you thread them, you can make one for the 3/4" and the 1" the same way. :)

Bj :)
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