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(preface, I'm pretty new at doing anything with wood but I'm mechanically inclined)

I have a Porter Cable 7539 router.

Just bought a Porter Cable dovetail jig.

The guide for the jig attaches to the base of the router....problem is, the hole on the router is too big for the guide and won't hold it.

Was at Home Depot, debating on buying a second router.

Grabbed it.... went to lunch (before going 20 miles home) and at lunch, realized I bought the fixed router, not the plunge.

Went back & swapped them out.

Get the Ryobi plunge router home and it doesn't even HAVE the base for the guide.

I about screamed! (I am in process of trying a couple dovetails to learn the process and went to town specifically to get a router (or a base if they had it) so I wasted the entire trip!

Where does one get a base plate that will fit a guide?

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Lee Valley sells a few. Pat Warner can also help you out. Start here with Pat. Selecting A Subbase Pat goes by the username Quillman here on the forum.
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