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Hi, this is my first post,

I 'm in the middle of a project and my router wont let me adjust its height...

I've got a Ryobi 601-re, placed inversely in a router table, I was adjusting the height of the router bit above the table and reached its maximum extension....unfortunately when I tried to lower the bit it just stayed in place. I am able to turn the adjustment knob but it does not affect the height of the I am left with the bit at maximum extension.

does anyone know how I can get it to work again?

btw...appologies if I've used any wrong terminology, I'm a complete novice!



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Is there a plunge lock lever? I am not familiar with that model, but It could be a couple of things. First, it is stuck in its maximum plunge depth, and just need a little "help" to get it moving again. Another possibility is it is a rack and pinion adjustment, and you have overtraveled the rack, so it cannot move down. Try pulling it out of the table and seeing what you can find.
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