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Hi Corey

Here's just one way, look around the shop for a box that a tool came in, and pull out some white packing (foam packing) I use a old 12" hack saw blade to cut it, after I take it to the grinder and put a nice sharp edge on it and a wooden handel with a bit of elec. tape to hold the handle on. :) (spit the hardwood handle on the band saw then just slip it in and tape it up)

Then use the seal-a-meal ,once you have it cut to size and the fabric on it.lift the bag off with care and glue it to the foam (3M #77 spay glue works well for this job)

Just a note *** you can also use your Vac.cleaner to suck it down in the bag if you don't have a seal-a-meal :)
Or just press it in place with care without the glue on the back side of the fabric. :)
I have done one or two silverware drawers this way and it works, just don't rush it and don't pull to hard on the fabric it wil show, nice and slow on this one. :)

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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