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Need a plunge base

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I have a question for you all I'm interested in getting a plunge base for my 690 pc I have the router but I just want the plunge base went on the pc website and I didn't get where I wanted to go. Tried selling me the combo. Thanks any help is appreciated. :confused:
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It's all in the numbering try Porter Cable 6931.... and shop around for a good price. I got mine some years ago for less then $60 while they were going for like $80 most places.

Thanks Ed I finally got through the porter cable site they wanted 145.00 for the base alone I only paid 99.00 for the router can you believe that. I'm still in awe.
With a quick look.....
82.99 + 2.95 = 85.94 unless you live in FL then they add tax....

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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