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Hello I am working on a project where I need to have manual control over some motor directions/movements. Specifically, I need a pulse generator.
It needs to:
-Have a display to say its current rate/speed (this number can be arbitrary as long as the number always correlates with the output and is not random).
-Have PWM, DIR, and ENA signals.
-Output of these signals is 5-24 volts, 3.3v will not work. (Signals like the ENA and DIR signal).
-While not our exact motor model, these are the same type of the ones we use

Here is what we have tried and we cant use: Cheap feeling, screen flickers horribly not allowing you to see the number correctly. It works, but is way to low quality. Would be perfect, but the output signals are 3.3v and does not work with our motors. The Enable signal works, but the PWM does not. We did confirm that this device works with a stepper motor driver and it ran a NEMA 23 perfectly. No display, no housing.

Any help at pointing me towards a decent PWM generator would be greatly appreciated.
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