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Need advice for outdoor finish (on signs)

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I've just routed some pine for trail markers, I'd like to stain them a darker brown and paint in the lettering with yellow. Much like a state park sign would look. What would be a good finish for outdoors that will help them to last? I live in the north east, so we'll be getting bitter cold, snow, rain, some sun on occasion.....

Any advice would be appreciated, I don't do much outdoor work. I know in the photo that they are painted, (maybe I'd be better off painting them(?), but I'd like to stain them.


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Unless the sign is completely shaded, you might expect 3 to 5 years from Helmsman. To maintain the finishing looking nice, fine sand it every few years and add another [link removed by moderator] Tung oil is beneficial, but it must be reapplied on a regular basis since it dries out. Tung oil does not usually come with a UV inhibitor, which is a drawback. There is a product promoted for log home exteriors that promise to be superior. It's something I haven't tried yet. It's known as Perma-*****.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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