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I have really been thinking about CNC lately and I have a couple ideas that would increase my business using this tech.

My problem is I know very little about CNC. I put Legacy in the subject line because their 5 axis machines look like they could cover all my needs. There is a woodworking show this month in KC, MO and they are supposed to be there. I hope to visit the show and get a better look at their machines.

I am certain I can learn to use CNC equipment if I have the right machine and the right support.

I hope to stay around and under 10K. I want to make the best decision I can with that money because it will be a long time before I can drop that kind of cash again. I really need to get this right the first time ;)

So I am wondering what you guys think. Is this a good company? Are there othere comparable 5X machine builders out there that I should be looking into? How is Legacy support? Is there a better machine with better servi e out there?

I imagine there may even be someone in the Springfield, MO area that could point me to a great local company....

Thanks all and I appreciate any knowledgeable input you can take the time to share :)

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I have an old Legacy ornamental mill, and it is a quality machine. The after purchase support has been what I would expect from a solid company.

If you request some information from them on the CNC machines, Chris will call or email you back and answer any of your questions. They will also allow you to apply some of your travel expenses out to visit them towards your purchase.

The text below is from a recent email I received from them:

"Schedule your personal test drive today

Call 800 279 4570 to schedule your personal test drive of a Legacy 5-Axis Hybrid CNC capable of or CNC Turning, CNC Ornamental Turning, sheet processing, carving, inlay, joinery any much more. Come see what makes a Legacy CNC the more versatile, easy to use system available.

Legacy will apply up to $500.00 of your travel expenses toward the purchase of an Arty, Artisan or Artisan II CNC.

Plan a trip to Utah; enjoy all the State has to offer, and find out why a Legacy 5-Axis Hybrid CNC is the best value in the world of woodworking"

Like Shopbot, they have various different training programs available as well.

Good luck, and make sure you let us know how the decision making process goes!
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