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As a beginner woodworker I'm about to purchase my first router and I'd really love some advice since I cant find many good reviews from them. I'll be using it as a hobbyist, mostly for making household items, some of them from hardwood. My budget is at most ~300 EUR, but I'd really like to get something under 200 EUR if possible. After lots of research I've narrowed it down to the following ones:

Bosch GOF 130 (1300W, 120 EUR):
+ has lots of features: strong motor, speed setting, constant speed
- plunge depth cannot be set precisely
? the super cheap price compared to other blue Bosch machines makes me a bit suspicious that its lacking something... there are more expensive green Bosch devices

Makita RT0700CX2 (710W, 190 EUR):
+ has lots of features: speed setting, constant speed, 3 attachments
+ lots of accessories
- Isnt it a bit weak?
- pricey

Makita M3602 (1650W, 160 EUR, 12mm only)
+ super strong
+ soft start
- no variable speed
? Do I need such a strong router for hobby projects? Its 2x as heavy (5.7kg) as the others

Makita RP0900 (900W, 100EUR)
+ cheap, light (2,2 kg)
- no features (no variable speed, no constant speed, no precision lock)

Which one would you choose?

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Thanks for all the answers, they are super helpful!

Based on @jw2170 and @DesertRatTom 's comments I've looked into Triton (haven't heard of them before) and they look amazing. More specifically I was researching the JOF001 and the new TMNRTR (the others are over my budget).
I've ruled out the JOF001 because it feels a bit like too light for a table router and a bit too much for a handheld router for delicate tasks.

Based on your comments I'm really leaning towards the Makita RT0700 since I won't be doing any large tasks for a while (and when I do I'll get a 1500W+ one). The small Triton looks superb too (TMNRTR), but they don't sell Tritons in my country, so I'd be worried about spare parts/accessories/warranty repair.
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