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Don't know the Euro brands and models. Bosch is great over here, but I thought their kit went for far more than that.

The heavier, more powerful routers are really good for the table, but some are awkward to handle freehand. I try to do as much of my routing on the table as possible. It's much safer. A smaller, lighter router is more comfortable for freehand work.

I have three sizes, the large Triton for the table, which is just too heavy for freehand work. Two Bosch 1617 motors and two bases, one of which was in the table for years and worked well, and a trim router, which is what I now use most of the time for freehand work, like roundovers or hinge mortises and such. Just fyi.

Hopefully some of our European members will pitch in their opinions.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts