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Need alot of help picking out my router cnc machine

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Hello everyone I have so many questions regarding purchasing the right cnc. Through my research I think I have decided to get the openbuilds lead 1010 cnc. All I see is great reviews and it has a screw instead of a belt. I'm looking to create geometric designs attached to this thread. As I go to check out on the website it has room for add ons and I want to know what's best for me to have amd make my life easier.
1.Im going to be running it from a laptop so do I need a separate touch controller?

2. Do I need the additional motors .4 NEMA 23 Stepper Motors OR 4 High Torque NEMA 23 Stepper Motors?

3. Do I need to include a driver board? What is a driver board?

4. Do i need the 24 v power supply as well?

5. What software do u recommend to get if I'm trying to achieve 3d cncs down the line? Vectric Cut2D Desktop - Up to 24"x24" or Vectric VCarve Desktop - Up to 24"x24" or VCarve Pro - Unlimited Size Vectric Aspire

6. I see these black motion control systems do I need one?

7. Does the xyz touch probe work with the lead 1010 and is it included from

Thank u much appreciated


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Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum!

Starting from the bottom up it appears your geometric sample is laser cut, not CNC cut. That aside, the computer you use needs to be able to connect to the controller for the CNC. Some, like the Ethernet Smooth Stepper (ESS), connect via Ethernet cable or USB. Others connect with parallel cables. I control mine with a desktop computer and ESS and have read that a notebook computer isn't the best choice for running a CNC though many do without issues.

You'll need stepper motors, yes. The size and spec you'll need depends on your expectations for performance and the size of your build. The software you mention is available as a free download for trial so I suggest you play with it before buying. I don't use Vectric but I believe the only one of these you mention that will allow you to create 3D is Aspire.

Others will chime in soon with more info for you, I'm sure.

Looks like that CNC comes with motors and a control box. As far as computers a laptop would probably work but make sure the setting will not allow it to turn off anything while cutting through the power saving menu. If you don't have a computer I recommend getting a cheap Desktop to run your CNC. Once the system is up and running I would not connect it to the internet because any updates it might make could cause problems that might be very hard to overcome.
I do notice that they say "up to 2" material clearance", so that will need to be remembered when designing a project and setting limits for machining. In my opinion that is not enough clearance. One thing to consider is having the open area under the spoil board but also limits of Z travel need to be considered for proper placement of the project blank.

As far as design software goes I recommend Vectric software. What Vectric software you use is up to you but the CNC you are looking at does have a working area larger than the basic software but could be used to get started learning. Also upgrading to the next or higher software package involves paying the difference between the cost of the 2 packages so you don't lose and money by slowly upgrading to better packages. You can do 3D projects with VCarve Desktop or Pro with some limitations but if you want to design/create 3D models with their software you need Aspire. You can create 3D models in other programs and import them into VCarve (limited to 1 3d party model) or Aspire (unlimited number).
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Wow u guys are the best I appreciate it so much. I'm much more knowledgeable now and can't thank u enough 👌
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