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Need Craftsman part

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I received a used 315.17480 the other day that was taken from one of the Craftsman router tables. I does not have any kind of base on it. Anybody know where I can order one? I've been looking around the Internet but come up empty.
Router seems to work fine, but I have no information on it at all!
I believe never look a gift router in the bit! I took it anyway.
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I to need a part for a craftsman router. 315.275062. I am looking for a fan blade that is sold with the armature. Of course no longer available. You will have to excuse me I do very poorly on the computer and right after I got signed in as a new user last week I had a heart attack. I just hope this does not cause another one. My humor. No sears close any more even called Ryobi. Like others have said nice router just hate to use with no fan. Don't want to let the smoke out!
Much of the time the fan is sold as part of the armature, which is probably the most expensive part on rhe router. I agree with the previous suggestion to look for a Craftsman or Ryobi donor that is being sold for parts. Sears uses the Ryobi part numbers. Find your armature part number and if you find a possible candidate, look up the armature number to see if you have a match. If the fan is plastic it might be hard to salvage it unbroken. Yours probably fell apart. There are some armature fans for sale but you have to match the hub and blade sizes and that might be very tough.

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Replacement part for 315.275062 Craftsman router

Thanks for the reply, this is what I am finding out. Just hoping that someone had one that they are parting out. I have this router hooked up to a vac so I am pulling air up thru it so the use that I do it my stay cool enough. Thanks again.
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