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Need equipment advice again!

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There is a gentleman in Atlanta that is selling his fathers tools here locally. I'm not familiar with these tools, but they look heavy duty. Any advice on the tools worth having and reasonable offering price would be greatly appreciated. And though it doesn't matter, I'm particularly low on finances currently.

This is high end equipment that has had only one owner. It has been well maintained and in excellent condition. Equipment has had light usage by a harp builder in a one-man shop. Manuals are available for all equipment.

$7,000, or best reasonable offer

Prefer to sell as a lot, but if interested in individual pieces, Seller will consider individual offers/pricing.


Jet Planer Model JWP-208-1, 20"

Jet Dust Collector Model DC-650 SOLD

Campbell Hausfeld Four Cylinder Quad 80 Gallon Air Compressor Model CIQ 71083V

Makita 16" Band Saw Model 2116

Craftsman Wet/Dry Shop Vacuums (1-20 Gallon, 3-16 Gallon) 1 SOLD

Inca Expert 500 342 025 Band Saw

Orbit Model OR-2501 F 12 Speed Industrial Drill Press

Central Machinery Model 44846 34" Floor Radial Drill Press - SOLD

Dayton Tradesman Model 5K641T Floor Drill Press

Excalibur 24" Precision Saw Model EX-2

Ryobi Model OSS 450 Oscillating Sander

Kuster Ultra-Sand 24 Inch Single Head 3HP 220 Volt Motor Thickness Sander
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Used tools are so much of a gamble. I'm particularly interested in the planer. Jet makes the same model now, but looks very different. Would $200 be ridiculous?

I'll try to post the pictures tonight, computer wont let me at work.
*shock* ...a 20" planer for $200?! Not in this lifetime. Tonto; that's a lot of very nice fairly expensive equipment he's listed...$7K doesn't sound unreasonable. You could try an offer of $6K but he might be insulted.

This is a Taiwanese model, new with helical cutters...
Jet used to and may still sell a 15 or 16" model that is identical to the 16" King Canada that I have with straight cutters (around $1200 at the time) so Dan's comparison may be pretty close.
Jet still sells that model, even though it looks different now. It sells for just under $2400. I'm thinking this person is out of the picture to put it politely and the guy in Atlanta is handling the probate. We'll see what goes!
Tonto; did you notice the specs on that King planer?
I'd have to rewire my shop to run that beast.
Unless you're running a production shop, it's a bit of overkill.

A screen snip from my original link...


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You could try an offer of $6K but he might be insulted.
So insult him. Go for $5K then bicker from there. My father always said that what they are asking and what they will take are two different things.
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Well, I have been back and forth with this planer. Looks to be in good shape, haven't tried it out. I called Jet and was told that parts were not available for that model any longer. Called them again last Friday & was told just the opposite. Had him check and he confirmed it again. So that is good news. I offered him $800 for the resaw, drill press & planer. Too low I know, but I just don't have any spare cash just lying around! I called them I up'd the ante to just the planer. They called me tonight and told me the father is just not able to let go for under $1200...OUCH....I just don't have it! They did say if it doesn't sell soon, they will accept my offer. It's an older machine, but I think the $800 offer is reasonable. New today is $2400, so that's 1/3 the cost. 1/2 the cost is the general starting price on used tools, from what I hear. Everybody here spent money getting ready for the storm and Christmas is just around the corner so I imagine funds are pretty tight for everybody. I really hope they will sell it to me! I'd sure give it a good home and treat it like the jewel it is. Anyway, wish me luck. Need all the positive thoughts I can get!
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If all you really want is the planer, offer for that only. If you buy the whole lot, then YOU get to try to sell off all the rest. Do you really want to do that? Do you really want to do that for a tool you could buy new for far less than buying the lot? Really, just a question.
No, I'm settling for just the planer (would like to have the drill press & resaw too, but funds wont allow it). That was my last offer...$800 for the 20" Jet Planer. Guess I wasn't clear on that. They said they would take that if nobody offers more, soon. They just didn't say how long soon was!

I can certainly do with a smaller planer like the 12" Dewalt. I think they are less than $700. Which is why I offered the $800. 20" would come in handy since I can saw 20" boards with my mill (up to 26" actually). And feeding multiple boards at a time would be a time saver as well. She did tell me she bought a set of replacement knives and they would come with the planer. I think they are $100 for a set of them.
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It's not by any chance a 3ph motor? The only reason I ask is because it sounds like the equipment might have originally been in a commercial space.
It is a 3 hp motor. She also said it was 220V.
No, not HP; 3 phase...208V but I think you just answered that, " She also said it was 220V."
Well, I countered another offer, didn't hear back from them :frown:. Guess I'm back to a Dewalt!

I have seen the 15" Steelex for < $1400 delivered and I think a solid warranty. Anybody ever used or heard about them?
Ok guys, now I'm in a conundrum. I've been lusting after this 20" planer for $1200. The guy isn't going to come down Grizzley is stirring the pot:

20" Planer | Grizzly Industrial

And then there is this:

Shop Tools and Machinery at

I'm beginning to think buying new would be worth the extra money. The 15" Grizzly is $1250/free shipping. It also has a 3 HP motor + it has wings (the used 20" Jet does not, but comes with an extra set of blades--$100). The 20" Grizzly jumps up an additional $500 with shipping (has even longer wings + a 5HP motor).

Is there that much difference between the Jet ($2400 new + shipping) and Grizzly? Will I miss the extra 5 inches? What would you guys do?
Is there that much difference between the Jet ($2400 new + shipping) and Grizzly? Will I miss the extra 5 inches? What would you guys do?
go new 20'' Griz..
gang planing..
better panel handling planing...
and yes you will miss the 5''...
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Sage advice from the Stickman.
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Count on Stick; plane speaking kinda guy... ;)
The Jet and the Grizz could be from the same factory. I know of several other brands identical to my King. As far as width, I've only ever used the full 16" once to resurface some 6x16 cedar timbers for a picnic table. 13" is usually wide enough.
Thanks guys, some of the reviews say the new models have poor motors. Don't know if that is true or not. I do feel like I can always count of you guys for good advice! I was thinking the exact same thing. Grizzly is really putting a hurting on the more expensive companies. Those models look heavy duty!
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