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Welcome to the forum. We can try to help, but we will need quite a bit more info to help you isolate the issue.

Is this the first assembly and not working or has it worked in past?

Are the electronics hooked directly to your computer via a parallel port, or something like a smoothstepper? If using a smoothstepper have you configured all the motors in their plugin as well? Did you build your own cables and electronics box or use prebuilt ones? If you wired it yourself can you provide pictures of your electronics?

Do you have an estop or just a jumper on the leadshine unit? Is the estop in the “out” position (turn the knob counterclockwise)?

Did you power up electronics and then start Mach3 or vice versa?
With the electronics powered up can you move anything manually or do the steppers feel “locked” if you try to rotate any of the couplers?

In Mach3 have you hit the enable button on screen? When you try to get motors to move are the DROs on screen changing?
Are you trying to jog, run g-code file or running a command in the mdi window?

If you can answer these, we might be able to help narrow your issue down.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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