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Need Help - What type of Hammer

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Hi, A friend pulled this out of a dumpster, along with another tool, and gave it to me. I have looked and looked and cannot identify it. May I get some help? The only marking on it is ? / 8. Appreciate it. Chris


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Seaming or Forming tool. Metal Works

This tool is used in the forming or closing a seam in sheet metal work.It is a preferred tool for Copper and Tinsmiths

A hammer action is applied to the head of the tool which placed over the folded seam and worked along its length to give you radius finish. The tool comes in various shapes depending on your required cross-section I have used it for bespoke metal crafting esp. aluminum and thin gauge panel steel.

It is a marvelous tool and when placed upside down in a anvil I use the radius or what ever cross-section I have determined as a forming tool. Eg. A round metal rod to half round. Very simple and with a bit of practice a smooth surface. This method is also referred to as "Swaging".

The hammer is applied to the round cross-section in the groove (radius) changing the shape to half round. The bonus is you have no waste of material and with the price of copper a substantial saving.

If you wish to know more in particular let me know.

Cheers Aurum
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