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Need Help - What type of Hammer

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Hi, A friend pulled this out of a dumpster, along with another tool, and gave it to me. I have looked and looked and cannot identify it. May I get some help? The only marking on it is ? / 8. Appreciate it. Chris


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Chris, I had no idea of what that was, but THANK YOU for sharing it. To me and many others that type of "Show and Tell" is super interesting. My Great Grand Father was a very skilled woodworker and I have seen lots of things he built from homes to furniture and even windows. When my Dad died in Jan 2012, my brother had no interest in my Dad's "Old Tool Collection", so it all went to me. Often I look at those (somewhat crude) tools and think how much skill the old man (GGF) must have had! It really gives us an appreciation for what is available nowadays!

Otis Guillebeau from Auburn, Georgia
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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