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Need help with a felder profit H10

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I work for a medium sized millwork company and we are switching over to a doweling system to build our cabinets. The issue arises in our CNC machine, A Felder H10, is fighting with its dust collection hose and throwing our tolerances way off. From what I can see, It pulls the machine almost a full millimeter off on some cuts. the hose is plenty long, We have even tried to tie part of it up to support the weight. It's almost as if our dust collections pull can throw off the machines gantry entirely during operation. I've disengaged the general safety and watched the hose pull the machine toward the ball joint via the digital readout. I'm getting frustrated because Felder has been a little less than helpful with this issue. I'd greatly value some input on this subject, seeing as it is a barrier keeping my shop from running at its fullest potential.

Thank you,

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Welcome to the forum Charles.
they make "softer" 4" hoses now, maybe look for one of those. they are much more pliable. you could also consider a spring loaded gantry that pivots from the ceiling to support the weight better.
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