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Need help with Nk105g2 controller

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I'm new to this forum. Would anyone be able to help me troubleshoot a tool present/not present in an ISO30 spindle with a NK105G2 controller? I believe it is an option on the the hand held controller to reverse the sensor.

Who else has had this problem?

Cheers gents.

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I've been told this might be a problem with the sensors inside the HSD 929 spindle. These are two pictures of the sensors when there is NOT a tool holder present inside the spindle.

Anyone know if this looks correct?


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Sorry, just not familiar with that unit. What did the manufacturer or distributor say about it?

You won't be able to tell by just looking at it. It could also be a bad wire or bad connection somewhere.

Is the problem intermittent, or constant?
Ger21 - The problem is constant. Its as if I reversed the sensor output. Full is empty, empty is full. Could this be related to port polarity?

David - The manufacturer has not been very helpful troubleshooting this problem. Should I contact HSD directly about the spindle?

Thank you for the support ya'll, it's keeping my spirits high.
Sounds like a bad sensor or wire to me.
What you do depends on your knowledge and abilities.
You can call HSD and ask how to troubleshoot it.
The simplest thing might be to just replace the sensor.

If it were me, I'd have a technician come out and fix it.
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had it been working properly before? if so what has changed since then? you are right, it sounds like a polarity issue. but it could be as simple as how the program (macro) is interpreting the input from the sensor. in other words in may be a simple fix in the software - what controller program does it run? does it use g code?

here is the manual:
page 20 starts the polarity programming. you will have to find out which input(s) are for "tool present" as it is not listed on the input tables. you can trace the wires to the terminal board, or maybe watch the state of led's as you insert a tool.
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Great news, router is up and running. We exported the machine log to a usb and reviewed the history of the machine. Found the same error code every time it was dormant for at least a month. (in storage, no electricity). From this information, we deduced there is an internal battery keeping the log memory stored. When the battery runs extra low, certain settings on the controller are lost.

With this newfound knowledge(last night at 11pm), we decided to check the port polarity. This mode(Menu, (8)Diagnosis, (3)Port Polarity) is a table displaying the GX's and GY's input of "P" or "N". All ports functioning correctly were marked "N" with an open circle beside it. When we arrived at GX10 and GX11 - (Tool lock, Tool unlock) the circles were closed and marked as "N". This was incongruent with the rest of the port inputs. We switched "N" to "P" on both GX10,GX11, the closed circles became open circles and the machine functioned perfectly for 2 sheets of 13mm and 2 sheets of 37mm birch this afternoon.

Needless to say, my customer is happy and i'm even happier.

If anyone has questions or wants more photos of this process, don't hesitate to ask. I'd be happy to elaborate as much as possible.

Thanks for all the help troubleshooting this problem ya'll.

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Great news . This is a good find , and something to remember
Glad you found it. Now don't be a stranger, Jared - stick around and join in on discussions, show us some projects, etc.

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